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MumsRock is moving on

Comments (1) by Gigi_E February 24, 2011 - 9:24 AM

Some of you eagle-eyed MumsRockers out there will have received the small matter of an announcement in our sluttishly occasional newsletter. It says we're moving house, getting hitched, teaming up and merging, um, forwards. So what does it mean?

And, was it something you said? Hell no. But, I thought I would explain a little cos... we've still got a way to go in our two-part Grand Plan. Part one: Designing the perfect biscuit (alcohol and cookie dough seem to be even the most talented alchemist's biggest nightmare)...and part two: For mothers to rule the world. Sort of.

I launched MumsRock.com nearly two and a half years ago when I actually had no idea how to run a website, didn't really know what a blog was and had done most of my writing for professional TV Presenters (a very completely different can of pyjamas). My team-mates were a talented bunch of generous and out-spoken men and women that serendipity had thrown my way. Unlucky for them perhaps; lucky for me.

A lot of hard work, some really brilliant ideas and a handful of delectable Dilfs later..and here we are. Holding a happy and perhaps affectionate place in the hearts of thousands of mothers (plus around 14 particularly persistent spammers) across the worldwide web.

I've been driven by one thing all this time - and that has been to change the perception of mothers in the media. What's great is that the longer I've ranted about it, the more I've happened upon like-minded souls living and breathing this too. The Magnificent British Mummy Bloggers for a start not to mentiom thousands of extraordinary tweeters and FB mammas too.

We're going to pastures new: In The Powder Room to be exact. Joining forces with a great bunch of thinkers and doers fascinated with spreading the news, views, needs and rants of womenkind around the global interweb.

All that remains is to say a massive and properly heart-felt thanks to all the incredible writers who have supported MumsRock along the way. You've made me laugh, cry, shout and furrow my brow more times than I can ever say. And a very, very special thanks to the following amazing people who have shared my biscuits and highs and lows in MumsRock Towers all this time:

Michelle, Harriet, Fiona, Brigid, Mark, Steve, Judith and James.

See you on the other side x

by Gigi_E February 24, 2011 - 9:24 AM

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  • Report Thu Mar 24, 2011 - 8:40 pm
    Very sorry you are moving on as I thought you were pretty cool on your own. But Powder Room is good too.
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